Best Tips For Using A Waterpik or Water Flosser

I have been using a water flosser for about six months now, and I absolutely love it.

One of the problems when you first start using any water flosser is how can you operate the blasted thing without making a big mess. In this post, were going to walk you through some helpful hints on using water flossers and the best way to use them without making a mess.

How To Use a Waterpik Without Making a Mess

It’s important when using a Water flosser to close your lips around the flosser spout. Only spray a little bit of water at time so that it doesn’t leak out of your mouth.

Another good tip for using a water flosser and avoiding making messes is keep the nozzle pointing down. This will keep water from accidentally being sprayed on the wall or mirrors.

How to use a Water Flosser or Waterpik with Braces

The first tip that I want to give you is how to use a water flosser if you have any orthodontics.

The first step is to fill your water flosser with lukewarm water. I suggest that you use an orthodontic tip for your water flosser if your particular model or unit allows you. I recommend that you purchase the Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser. You can click here for the best price on Amazon. Also, click here to buy on Amazon Orthodontic Tips for the Waterpik that I mentioned above.

Begin at the back of your mouth and aim for your gum line and travel from tooth to tooth.

Can You Use a Waterpik Too Much?

I think a good rule for any product is be careful of not over using it.

It’s a good habit to use your water flosser at least one time per day for maintaining good oral health. If you have gum disease and you would like to use it more, a good idea would be to talk to your dentist.

If you notice that your gums are becoming very sore to the point that you don’t want to continue using your flosser, it’s better to just use it once per day and remain consistent. After a while, your gums will stop being sore and bleeding.

Use a Little Mouthwash in Your Water Flosser For Better Results

If your gums are bleeding and need some more attention, then I recommend adding a little mouthwash with some warm water in your flosser.

Should I use a Waterpik Before or After I Brush?

This is a great question. After my research I have decided that it’s best for you to use a water flosser before you brush your teeth. There are three reasons why this is an excellent idea:

  • Using a water flosser prior to brushing will remove debris from your teeth which makes brushing more effective
  • Using a water flosser before brushing will sweep away debris from inside and around your gums that causes infection and irritation
  • Using a water flosser before brushing will encourage you to brush more often

Water flossers are great tools for maintaining good oral health. Do you have any good tips to share about using a water flosser? Use the comment section below to add your tips.


Jenny has been researching oral health for a very long time. It’s her desire to invest time and effort in her own life to maintain healthy gums and teeth, so that she can help you. She works hard to bring you the latest product reviews, tips and guide to keep you on the pathway to good oral health.

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